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Innovation Quality Service
With over 30 years experience in bike industry, Ubike has certain ability and experience in innovation, quality and service to make consumers satisfied.

Ubike is a cause from the European design team, U(You) means your favorite leisure and exercise folding bike.

Ubike has R&D department and precise computer process device in Germany and Taiwan and owns a suspension fork factory, a painting factory which is conformed to the EN standard- poisonousless process and material/ Ubike has the manufacturing centers in Taiwan and China. All of the products pass EN standard. With the support of our own facility and sources of the talents, Ubike has very big and flexible space to produce your bike very well.

Ubike has unique patent design on the products– outstanding and one of a kind patent folding box: not only labor-saving, easily to use but also the safest. Ubike has the patent stay fold, after the wheels connected, you can trolley the bike without hand carrying and avoid the painting destroyed while transporting - Riding Ubike is your pround!

Ubike always looks into carefully what customers want and what the market truly needs and do our best to cooperate and to satisfy. Just like a magic genie, the mission will be completed perfectly. We always enhance the standard and challenge our own ultimate.

Ubike is not only devoted to breaking through the folding structure but hope that through Ubike to satisfy every customer’s need. To make you pick up your own bike, your favorite bike and one of a kind bike for you, Ubike always presents its innovation every year and gives surprise. The advantage of Ubike - folding easily, safe and reliable, carrying easily and matches every size of wheel product line plus the European design-all of those make every rider to achieve - good for health and enjoy the unique style when riding. When you are on a trip, the bikes can be folded on the vehicles with the fine point of easily moving. Lead a more beautiful life for U is the mission for Ubike! YOUR WISH, I WILL - Ubike

Ubike Germany Office :
TEL:+49-7175-919730 MOBILE:+49-15150984886

Ubike Taiwan Office :
TEL:886-4-8310787 FAX:886-4-8314971

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